Phoenix Cast


Produced by Bud Martin, Philip Roger Roy, & Dana Matthow in Association with Act 2 Playhouse


Phoenix production

Left-right: (front) Eileen Matthews, Donnie Hammond, Christine Petrini. (top) - Carly Mayo

Phoenix cast

Left-right: Heather Mayes, Andrea Dora, Carly Mayo

Phoenix cast

Carly Mayo and music director John Daniels

Phoenix cast

Left-right: Eileen Matthews, Christine Petrini, Carly Mayo, and Donnie Hammond


Big tow truck comes to the rescue!

RESPECT tour truck being towed for the 2nd time during the tour. After 4 hours, the
production manager was back on the road, arriving in Baltimore in time for the
scheduled load-in of the set, and the show opened without a problem.

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