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Respect TestamonialsI'm Audrey and I don't usually like plays, but I loved this one! It is really funny and the actresses are awsome. I would like to watch it again and again and again. I want to show it to every one I know. I hope it comes out on DVD so I could wach it at home. My favorite song is the Betty Boop song and the Lolly Pop one. At the end I think it was a great idea to sing R.E.S.P.E.C.T song. It was a good song to end the play. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.—-Audrey

My husband, Jim, his sister Maryanne, Michael, and Michael's 87-yr-old mother—saw RESPECT last night. It is truly a spectacular play—magnificent singing, harmony, creative staging, costumes. We all so enjoyed it. The music was exhilarating—had to restrain myself from jumping up on the stage—and I was at times also moved to tears, it was so powerful. What an eye-opener. Realized we'd never really listened to the words—or at least all the words—but weren't we all so affected by the message, and the cultural environment that produced and supported it. I bought the CD, and more fun than that, plan to take my children, Susie and Emmy with me to see it again as a birthday present to myself, and gift to them. So interesting, the different generations—growing up in such changed [ing] times, but we nevertheless encounter so many of the same challenges, e.g. balance, work/family, self/other—just can't wait for the conversations we'll have, though they've been rather continuous til now.—- Kathleen Muller

This last weekend, my wife and I attended the opening of Respect. The theater was full, the production fantastic, and the experience uplifting and invigorating. Granted there were more women than men in the hall, but both were standing at the end, ovating the performance wholeheartedly. What an insightfully and intelligently written script, beautiful and talented cast, vivacious costumes, and brilliant directing. I recommend this musical production to all colleagues in the New England area, their families and students (Stuart Street Playhouse behind the Four Seasons of Boston). I even took my 12 year-old daughter and her friend and both enjoyed it immensely--even past their bed time. Dorothy: You should be very proud of your highly admired work.

I chatted with a group leader who brought 60 students to see Respect on Saturday. These girls are inner city kids who are involved in a special program that exposes them to arts and culture in our city. The group leader said it was the best performance they have ever been to. She loved it and wants to bring her friends. She said the girls absolutely loved it too.—-Cherie Shepard

We saw the show and continue to remember the songs and laugh as we continue to celebrate being women. I feel appreciation for so many women that have struggled and have succeeded in a man's world. I hope our children can study hard and be able to breakthrough the barriers for entry into careers that will provide them a lifetime of fulfillment and satisfaction.—-Shelly Mazen

My husband and I, as well as absolutely all of our friends, saw Respect, the Musical last winter, to nightly sell-out crowds, As soon as I saw it was coming to my home town, I emailed everyone I knew to be sure they wouldn't miss it.., we loved it so..as well as meeting you after the performance. I immediately ordered tickets for my 3 daughters, and then all of their daughters decided they wanted to come too. I then orderd the CD so that they would all become familiar with the music...... The music was well known to my generation , of course..Now they all love it...The girls are 9 to 17.... I hope they are not too young, since our seats are in the front row. Lots of Luck Good luck, from a fan....—-Bobbi Dworken

I saw the show when it came to my city. Please convey to Dr. Marcic my appreciation for such a wonderful & inspiring show. My heart was touched, and as I was leaving I saw many an audience member wiping tears from their eyes, and still smiling as they went out the doors. She has woven such a delightful ladder of music for our ascent. Please encourage others to call a friend---especially contacts & seekers---go, and have fun.—-Marianne

RESPECT— What a wonderful way to spend an evening. It was such a treat to watch! My head is still filled with the images, lyrics and melodies. I thinking I will be revisiting them all week. The musical was so uplifting, empowering, healing and connecting. I look forward to sharing it with many friends, family and colleagues. Leslie YerkesI just came home from seeing RESPECT. I could turn around this evening and see it again. The play rings so true and says so much for those of us who have LIVED the SONGS and more.—-Joan

I have seen the show twice and think it is absolutely fabulous (and even that is an understatement!)... I want to send some friends to see it!—-Barbara

My husband and I saw Respect this afternoon. Immediately upon leaving the theater, I called my 46 year old daughter in CT, and told her to watch the New York Times for any notices of NY presentations of your wonderful production. I asked her to be sure to get tickets for herself and me, my sister and nieces, so we can see it together. Bravo, bravo!!—-Gratefully, Norma

I just had to find some venue to express my utter delight with the musical Respect which I saw (twice!) ... I'm sure it will be the best show I ever see in my life and I wish all my friends could experience it. Next step is to read the book but I do want to ask you if there is any way to follow what cities the show will be playing in the months to come? Thanks much.—-Barbara W.

I saw Respect 2 times and loved it.—-Ellen

I saw RESPECT A Musical Journey of Women in Florida. It was GREAT! My friends would like to see this show. Will you be coming to NYC? If so, please let me know when... Thanks.—- Jane

My grandmother saw the show and loved it. When are you coming to NY? thanks!—-Erica

Heard from my mom that "RESPECT" was fantastic. She went 2 times to see it. Just wondering if it is coming to the Orlando or NEW JERSEY area.—-Louise

My daughter saw the show and loved it. I want to see it now. Madeline I just love the whole idea.—-Barbara

I had the wonderful opportunity to see the show last week, and am trying to figure out what "my song" is.—-Kathleen

My friend saw this show and I was wondering if there are any plans for it to come to Texas—Houston, Dallas, Austin, my women's group will travel to see it. Thanks for your help.—-Judy

Remember me? I came to see the show with Patricia, Susan, my husband Wilmet, etc, etc. Many times. I am really looking forward to taking my mom and my daughter. Although Natalia is only 3, she has memorized/ recognizes all the songs from your CD I bought. Her favorite is I Wanna Be Loved by You. I can't wait to see her face when she sees that part of the show!!! :)—-Alejandra

I thought the show was so wonderful. I am leaving for NY and would love to see it again with my family. Is it in the NY area? Thank you.—-Terri

My parents just saw this show and raved about it. Will this show be on tour? Will it possibly be produced in Portland, Oregon? Please let us know. Thanks!—-Mike and Nancy

I attended the Mother's Day matinee and want you to know that I so thoroughly enjoyed the show that I have emailed all my women friends about it. Already a group from other states are planning to come and see the show--with me--another time. Congratulations on the wonderful show and fabulous singing.—-Nancy

I attended your show Saturday night and loved it.—-Karen

I saw your wonderful show and danced in the aisles.—-Nina

My best friend and I saw your show last night and it was wonderful. We are probably the only ones in the audience that knew where Pewaukee, WI was since that is where I now live. The two of us were probably one of the younger women there, but we had a great time. Keep up the great work!

I saw the show in Florida last week and it was fabulous!!!—-Ellen

It was wonderful! I laughed to tears. Please bring the show back to Nashville so I can get all the women in my family and more of my female friends there to see it. Thanks!—-Judi

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to see Respect and was so amazed and thrilled with the performances of Christina , Paulette Miki and Leah. I wanted to know if it is going to go on the road. I have been talking about it to people in Ct. Ca. and N.Y. The audience all came out smiling and raving about it. One friend has seen it 3 times. What a talent you have!!!!—-Sincerely Esther

My daughters and I had a thrilling time in Chicago. The highlight was seeing the musical. My 17 year old daughter is interested in theatre and was totally enthralled with the whole experience. We live in a town of 500 people, so coming to Chicago was a really big deal. I was excited to meet you and the director. The show was particularly appropriate for baby boomers and older. But junior high and high school age understand music even if they don't remember the era. Thank you for making me smile.—-Kelly

Fantastic show! I wish you would come back to Halifax Nova Scotia! There are a lot of people here that would love to see the performance!!!!—-Velda

So glad it is being shown in so many places. I have your CD and love it! Any chance that you might come to the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg?—-Natalie

My wife and I together with three relatives just saw Respect last night. Delightful! My daughter and son live in the Washington, DC area. I have lots of relatives in Montreal and Toronto and Ottawa. I would love to have them see Respect. Our thanks for making a wonderful evening for us.—-Jim and Ethel

Just returned from seeing your musical "Respect". I attended the production with my mother, sisters, aunt AND husband--all of whom loved it as much as I. The musical is an outstanding concept. The cast we saw today was superb. I do believe this piece belongs on Broadway in the long run. It is certainly better than Mama Mia which of course also uses popular music. I wish you all the best. You have a natural audience in the women of this world as I am sure you have already discovered.—-Elynne, Professor of Communications Wright College

I attended the show on Thursday, 8/25 and I loved the black ruffle chiffon dress as well as the black wrap top and rhinestone that the blond actress wore if you can tell me the make/store in which I can buy it. I absolutely LOVED the show and will be bringing my mom/sisters back to see it!—-Jan

My wife and I just returned from a different planet on seeing the March 23 opening public "rehearsal performance". Your outstanding cast and extraordinary musicians did justice, big time, to Dr. Dorothy's artistic masterpiece. When the show hits Broadway and takes New York by storm, it will be with this cast and these musicians. Be sure Oprah sees the production, and soon! Best wishes for continued success. Sky's the limit!—-Professor Ira W Northwestern University (and proud of our alums in the show!)


Wonderful — and so true! Thank you!

Excellent. Enjoyed it tremendously.—-Frank

I loved this show. I am 6 years old. I have some love these songs. I love them.

This is the 3rd time I've seen it, and it's if it was the 1st! Absolutely incredible. Thank you girls!

Up until tonight I had no respect for women but this show turned me around.—-H.R. Silvastorm

You are the best. You need to be on Broadway.—-Tami Fishberg

I love your show. It is great. I have many of these songs. I love them.—-Emma

I am 6 years old. I love it.—-Madeline

The best Performance. Wonderful uplifting message — truly done with Love

You hit my soundtrack! Thank you!

Those 4 women made me forget about Hurricane Jeanne out there!

Great!—-A. Brody

Excellent. Take it to N.Y.

Great show. Don't leave

Great idea — Good professional planning. Excellent

Wonderful. We loved it! Good luck

MarvelousÉ Fabulous!

Fantastic experience!!

Excellent Let it come back again

Great!—-Red Malmid, Tamarac

Fantastic!! Broadway needs you!

Great Show. Excellent Cast. Bravo for the author

Wonderful! Original!—-J.C.

Great, great concert — from a WW11 actress, singer, dancer. Thanks!

Fabulous! Terrific Talent, Presentation and Direction

Absolutely FABULOUS!

Wonderful show. Your show should be on Broadway

Absolutely wonderful! Cannot wait to see it again.

Thoroughly enjoyed.—-S.S.

Extraordinary —-Mim Schorr

Fabulous—-Wonderful! What a Great Show!

Best show!

Fantastic. Fabulous. The Best Girls. The Best Show.—-Sandy Folz

I am 6. I njoyed the show

Wonderful concept. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

"It was the musical history of my life."—- Sheri Bewitt, Orlando

"Your program was soul stirring. I have never seen anything like this before. I learned so much, laughed so much. You have changed my life. You have given me the courage to do what I have to do. You have empowered me to go forward."—-Thelma Kowalchuk, Ontario

This presentation was amazing. It was such an entertaining and energetic presentation that anyone can learn and enjoy so much at the same time."—-Rosalie Williams, Gainesville, Fl

"Your presentation, which used words/music/songs and props was such a fun, exuberant way to educate people about so many issues, such as women's attitudes about love, life and most importantly themselves. I really liked the wonderful research: lots of interesting, historical information for everyone to chew on. For women, to see how far we've come (and have to go) and for men to get educated in a fun way. You have a wonderful presentation style. I love that it was interactive, too."—-Chesnak Sims, Toronto

"I felt happy, encouraged, energized."—-Wenda Abel, Toronto, Ontario

"I liked the way you chronicled historical themes with the music. It was empowering, engaging, unique and courageous."—-Beverley Davis, Brampton, Ontario

"I felt validated, motivated (to go on) and inspired."—-Valerie Davis, Brampton, Ontario.

"The presentation was FUN. I laughed and felt like crying. I'm 53 and could relate to all the songs. It gave me more belief in myself. My husband attended and I think he can now appreciate me and women's struggle more.—-Louise Meloney, Inwood, Ontario

"You are fabulous-- a breath of fresh air. I thank you for inspiring me and reminding me of fulfilling my passionate intentions, to keep forging ahead. Your energy is infectious-you light up a room and shine. "—-June Cole, London, Ontario

"This was one of the most inspiring presentations I have attended in my life. I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. The journey you took me on was such a powerful experience because it is so true and obvious, yet unheard, untouched and never presented like this before."—-Valimir Brajkovic, Melbourne, Victoria (originally from Croatia)

"Empowering for men and women. Lots of fun for all ages."—-Catherine Catle, Waverly, Vic.

"It was fun-and useful. I loved Dorothy's extraordinary insight and enthusiasm."—-Luke Arnold, Pascoe, Victoria

"It had so much energy and encouraged us to participate, which brings the show ALIVE for members of the audience."—-Betsy Dere, Wattle Glen, Victoria

"I really liked the mixture of narrative, visual imagery and song in portraying a hand-in-hand walk through the evolution of women's respect over the years-an exciting, multi-dimensional presentation which kept the audience engaged. Accessible to all ages and both genders."—-Krish Chauhuri, Clarinasa, Victoria

"It was extremely inspirational, absolutely creative, lively and energetic."
—-P.M., Victoria

"The presentation was easy to grasp and very inspiring. It made me feel happy, lucky and optimistic."—-Verena Brajkovic, Melbourne, Victoria (originally from Island of Cyprus)

"It made me think. It made me laugh-at myself. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Great music, too."—-Leslie Habibi, The Island of Cyprus

"It's clear Dorothy loves what she does, it makes it more interesting; she gets the audience's attention with ease. I liked the songs and Dorothy's beautiful voice. It made me feel proud, wise, enlightened, and sad-that it was over!"—-Anissa Collishaw, Cambridge UK

"The presentation was joyful, entertaining and fast-paced. I liked her humor-and the songs. Dorothy's confidence and light-hearted approach to a difficult and sensitive subject was most helpful. It allowed us to recognize and laugh at ourselves."—-Natalie Thirwell, Ottawa, Ontario

"I loved the enthusiasm and heartfelt emotion. It was a positive and easy-to-digest presentation,"—-Robb McKie, Easley, South Carolina

"I felt affirmed, because I realized I had come so far." Roshad Harley, Lithonia, Georgia

"It was an awakening and fascinating to see the progress in such a short presentation time. And, my 11 year-old daughter loved it!"—-Jennifer Phillips, Ottawa, Ontario

"Very vivacious, audacious, tenacious. An interesting and enlightened presentation."—-W.M.F., New York City

"Your attitude and enthusiasm are fantastic!"—-Joham Morris, Arvada, CO

"The program made me feel e nlightened (new way of seeing how music affects us), entertained (it was fun!) and aware (more educated)."—-Nikki Morris, Arvada, CO

"I liked watching the emotional changes through history."—-Jan Herbst Arvada, CO

"I was inspired, excited and proud!"—-Alicia Tyson